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Category: Shop Published: Monday, 20 January 2020 Written by Richard J Bell

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Poetical Postcards

The range of Poetical Postcards created by Richard J Bell explore his lived experience with mental illness, so others can read a relate to it, who have similar issues. Mixed with original photography and poetry, the postcards are artworks in themselves. The Poetical Postcard range is an expression of his creativity, that goes through themes of change, where you are afraid to step out into the waters of the unknown, only to find, if you go the way the tides are taking you, will find calmness in the swell of the ocean, where the tides are taking you.

Available at UnheardCulturalHub - Etsy for $2.20 each

Polynesian Postcards

Making the transition from illness to wellness Richard now explores his cultural heritage of being Polynesian, through art and photography. He mixes together hand-drawn Polynesian Kupesi designs and super-imposed them over photos of Tonga to create Polynesian Postcards. The Kupesi symbols represent different meanings that tell stories

. Available at UnheardCulturalHub -Etsy for $2.20 each


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