The Lady of the Night

Category: Poetry Published in Ink Published: Sunday, 27 January 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

The Lady of the Night

Published by the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW in the 2010 Annual Poetry Journal

A condom on the dashboard
As she drove me home
from a days work at the vineyards

Even though her second job
was a Lady of the Night

She wouldn’t listen to her boyfriend
in the backseat
asking her to pull over
into the pine plantations

She was a friendly woman
giving me advice
whilst lopping dead vines
for winter pruning

She showed understanding towards me
because she was educated
about mental illness

Her daughter thought her mother
was a witch

It was comforting to know
that someone outside my mental health team
knew about Schizophrenia

She showed insight
into what was

At the time

A dark place of paranoia

I saved one of her newspaper advertisements

Kept it in my journal

Richard James Bell © 9th January 2010

The Gospel of Schizophrenia By Richard J Bell

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