Storm of Schizophrenia

Category: Poetry Published in Ink Published: Sunday, 27 January 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

Storm of Schizophrenia

 Published by the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW in the 2007 Annual Poetry Journal

Storm of Schizophrenia grows near
Raindrops fall on my body
Thunderous roar of voices

Hallucination of unbroken criticism all around me
Cannot see anybody
but can hear them so clearly
gathering outside in pouring rain

Flashes of sanity
followed by a thunderstorm of heartless voices

Relentless in pursuit of a damaged self confidence
Electricity sweeps my head
Remnants of a fried out brain
losing part of myself each time
World of confusion

Lost in it all
The real person I used to be
amongst skies threatening my death
Voices insult
Torment from the past

Eye of the storm watches every move
even reads my mind

Sparks fly
Angry fires cause strife
Lightning strikes without care
Winds of ignorance fuel flames
Anger grows stronger and stronger

Homeless suffer from the storm
Embers of unschooled people
burning inside my head
torturing me until I’m dead

My screams drowned out by thunder
I pray to be back in the norm

Cover my ears so I don’t hear
voices of people I held dear

Frustrated clouds cover my head

Darkened by suicidal thoughts
I’m blinded by my tears
Scared thunder will last through out time

Shaken on the floor

An Irish angel appears with medicated sanity

Light breaks through the clouds
Finally some relief
Warmth spreads across the cold emotional sky
Rumbling thunder dies away

Black clouds fade to white
revealing a new future
as I stay medicated until this day

I’m lucky
A survivor
But some take their own life
Die alone
Victims of the Storm of Schizophrenia


© 11/01/07 by Richard James Bell

The Gospel of Schizophrenia By Richard J Bell

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