Enigma of Reality

Category: Poetry Published in Ink Published: Sunday, 27 January 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

Enigma of Reality

 Published in 'The Lived Exeperience' for Mental Health Week by Burmac publishing in 2016

Riddled in the enigma of my schizophrenia
I am lost in confusion

Trying to piece together a reality
from what I am seeing and hearing

The clues to the puzzle is distorted by my delusions
voices are screaming constantly from over the fence
“We hate you, idiot!”
“No one is going to love you like this!”
“We’re not really here, it’s your imagination.”

I cannot seem to make sense of anything
as I am lying in bed puzzle pieces scattered everywhere
listening to the people I trusted yell in betrayal

Mumbling to myself
I am exhausted from the paranoia

I don’t know how to escape this distortion of my reality

Copyright © Richard Bell 18th July 2015

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