Tides of Sanity


The tides of the illness pull me back
as I am moving towards the shoreline of recovery

Gripping me with its invisible force
pulling me deep into a whirlpool of confusion

I cannot escape this dark blue ocean that consumes my sanity

Paddling faster
I try to ignore the symptoms worsening in the dark choppy seas

I cannot see
due to the murky waters of distortion

Exhausted from the waves of emotions
tossing me through delusions under grey overcast skies
that provoke a rip tide
churning guilt in my stomach over incidents that never happened

The relentless current
disturbs the progress I have made on my journey
to get out of this deep blue abyss

Overwhelmed by the drag of the undertow
I burn out from the struggle

Deciding to take care of myself in the swell
while I am afloat on a piece of driftwood
keeping the land of recovery in sight


Copyright © Richard Bell 4th December 2016