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Fingernail Imprints

Category: Poetry Published Online Published: Saturday, 28 September 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

Fingernail Imprints

My feet get heavier

I’m knee deep in quicksand
Slowly sucks emotions away

Every grain pulls me down
Harder I push
worse the depression gets

Slowly wet sand
Creeps up my body

Silent on approach
Without realisation
It’s consuming me
Affecting my mind

Emptiness grows
Detachment from socialising

Happiness lost
Swallowed in murky sludge

Solidifies around the body

Birds around sing a song
Oblivious of what’s happening
Inside the brain
Misunderstood thought patterns

Before me others lay
Souls taken by the illness

Unable to grasp
a limb of recovery
back to heart felt love of this life

Will I be stuck like this forever?

Stressing me out
Motivation seeps away

Frustrated over simple things
that once was achievable
now an effort

Realising I have to fight
Desperately I move my legs

Reaching for branch
To support me in a time of need

I miss
Realise I’m alone

Weakened by the fight
I call out for help
cries lost out in dense brush land

Tears well in my eyes

Fighting for survival
Dragged under by coldness
My last breath

Before the mud envelops me

Fingernail imprints left in the sand


© Richard Bell 17/09/07

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