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The Composition of the Independence of a Man

Category: Poetry Published Online Published: Thursday, 25 April 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

The Composition of the Independence of a Man

Living by the rules I create
Doing my own things
Organization when necessary

Not to listen to bullshit
from people with no experience
in the subject

I respect others opinions
but only believe what’s rational
People educated in the field
But still double check
Take nothing on blind faith

Giving it straight to people
Delivered with cold hard truth
but only when necessary

Fuming hatred
from past experience
of people handing out ultimatums

A firmly set dislike for anyone
who tell pretty lies
to make people happy
or hurt people

Having my own morals
Deciding how I act
Making my own decisions
The creation of my own personality
Believing in the truth

I am my own person

Don’t push your beliefs onto me

The composition of the independence of a man

© Richard James Bell 08/01/09

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