Vine Appreciation

Category: Poetry Published Online Published: Monday, 22 April 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

Vine Appreciation

“Why is this called the Merlot lot?”
I asked.

“It’s the type of grape seedling,”
said the manager, turning from the vines she was pruning.

“So... the Merlot grapes are for Merlot wine?”

“And Shiraz grapes are for Shiraz wine,”
added the manager with a nod.

“Some grapes are picked mouldy,”
she continued, snipping the dead stalks.

“I suppose red grapes are for red wine,
and white grapes are for white wine?”
I asked.

After 8 weeks
into the 12 week contract
it finally clicked ...

“Ooh... so that’s why
it’s called the Chardonnay lot.”

she paused.

“Also explains the Cabernet lot,
the Sauvignon lot,
and ... the Riesling lot too.”

I suppose
it was the best place
for a bit of vine appreciation.

Richard James Bell © 24th August 2010


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