War on Schizophrenia

Category: Poetry Published Online Published: Monday, 22 April 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

War on Schizophrenia

War on Schizophrenia
Explosions of negative thoughts embedding shrapnel
Fixations in the mind

Psychiatrists deploy medicines
to loosen the hold of hallucinations
Psychologists drop bombs to combat the grip of delusions

All the while nurses monitor progress

Destructive voices screaming at the trooper

Obscenities tied to insecurities
weakening the spirit of the soldier

Snipers hide in the shadows targeting positive thinking

Mine fields of unrealistic thought patterns
waiting to trigger an attack

With a blinding flash painful images race past the eyes
over exaggerated scenarios
where I am being ridiculed for having a mental illness

Hostile urges appear as therapy is administered

The war on Schizophrenia continues ...

© Richard Bell 2013


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