My Heart in Tonga - Ko hoku loto´ ‘i Tonga - Poetical Short Film

Category: Poetical Short Flims Published: Monday, 29 October 2018 Written by Richard J Bell

My Heart in Tonga - Ko hoku loto´ ‘i Tonga by Richard J Bell is a poetical short film created in response to the rising tides of climate change and Polynesian Cultural Heritage living and passed on in the spoken language, tribal ways and minds of those who experience the true love of Tonga.

The first panel represents ancestors, the second are spear heads to represent warrior and strength, the third row is a weave that represents ancestry and union, the waves represent the world beyond and ancestral home, the shark teeth are protection, guidance and, strength and the final row is represents birds that mean helping each other in a time of need.

My Heart in Tonga - Ko hoku loto´ ‘i Tonga by Richard J Bell originally created in 2018 at Front Up, an arts Hub in Western Sydney and formed part of “Into the Light” a collaborative exhibition featuring the works of 8 artists.  The exhibition was the results of an arts program, Emerge 2018 led by professional artists George Tillianakis and Liam Benson.  Emerge 2018 was funded by the Crown Foundation, The Packer Family Foundation and Ability Options.
Supported by the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Accessible Arts.




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