Moonlit Library of Reflection

Category: Memoirs Published in Ink
Published: Monday, 29 October 2018
Written by Richard J Bell

Moonlit Library of Reflection


Standing in the darkened library of memories, moonlight shines through the window, as my mind starts reflecting back on myjourney through schizophrenia. I open a leather-bound book, and watch a projection of a memory comes out of the pages. I can see myself sitting in a cabin in South Australia. I as alone and homeless. Even now I start to hear the hallucinations I heard back then, voices of persecution yelling at me from outside the window.

It was a time when nothing made sense. I did not know I had schizophrenia.

Snapping the book shut, I place it back on the shelf, take a step deep breath, and steady myself after the intensity of the memory. I sit heavily on the couch underneath the window of the library, my eyes tired.

Soon after my arrival in Mount Gambier, I started one medication and came under the care of some doctors, I managed to secure a private rental and worked as a labourer in a vineyard of Connawarra. I can see fresh dew droplets on the baby vine leaves heralding that spring, the smell of the heavy fruits infused with independence and freedom.

I didn’t give up in my darkest moment, and ended up finding the light that infuses my life to this day. In the library of memories, I hear the birdsong welcoming the dawn outside the window.

Published in Project Semicolon: Your story isn’t over by HarperCollins Publishing 2017