Nature of Destruction

Category: Poetry Published Online Published: Saturday, 28 September 2019 Written by Richard J Bell

Nature of Destruction


Opening her mouth to speak
Flowers wilted around her
Leaves crumpled by her breath

Natural hum of the bush

With an angry scowl on her face
she exhaled again

Bark stripped off trees
Left naked and lifeless
Droplets of sap
Dripped off limbs

Squinting to see if anything was left
Breathing outwardly in an attempt to finish the job

Colour sucked away from the landscape
Moisture evaporated the last chance of life
Energy was drained from what was left

The environment around her is now dead
Not quitting until everything has been lost

Crying by her self
Wondering why

She has to destroy everything
That comes near her
and now she’s alone

Richard James Bell © 6th January 2010


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